Asp.Net Development Server Remote Access

ASP.NET Development  server is used by visual studio as a Default Webserver this server is only available in localhost interface. development server remote access can be enabled as discussed below.After this is enabled this can be accessed from LAN and WAN

1. Install Web Farm Network, Application Request Routing and URL Rewriter tools either by using Web Platform installer or direct downloads using the link below:
2. Open IIS Manager from cmd by typing inetmgr

3. Create a new website by right clicking your DOMAINPC NAME

4. Create new website in say port port 82 (in most case you may have used port 80)
5.Double Click the site you have created and select Reverse proxy.

6.Check the port of your Development server by debugging your code at visual studio and in my case it is 2529 In reverse proxy window add localhost:2529 as Inbound rule.

7. Now your LAN users can access your development server as http://:82 or port no as you have setup in step 4.For WAN you can NAT (port forward ) your desired port to your PC IP.


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