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ASP.NET MVC in windows XP

Running ASP.NET MVC application software in Windows XP and Windows Server 2003

ASP.NET MVC applications may show up error 404 not found or 403 Forbidden or Directory Listing Denied when we have a problem with configuration in ISAPI mappings.

When we install ASP.NET MVC it will set up an ISAPI mapping in IIS 6 to map the .mvc extension to the aspnet_isapi.dll. This is done in order for IIS to hand off requests using the .mvc file extension to ASP.NET.

Trouble shooting steps :

1. Make sure proper version of MVC and ASP.NET is installed. Check the version of MVC and ASP.NET from add remove programs.

2. Run inetmgr and checkĀ  version of ASP.NET for your site by right clicking the site.

Check version

Look at the properties for website and ensured that Scripts are enabled.

3. Map .mvc to ASP.NET

3.1. If you are using .mvc as file extensions.You have to map from virtual Directory tab by right clicking the properties of the site and click configuration and then click Add tab
In Executable add the path of .NET aspnet_isapi.dll c:\windows\\framework\v2.0.50727\aspnet_isapi.dll


(This may be different location if your installation is different.)

At Extension add .mvc

In verbs click limit to radio button and add GET,POST,HEAD,DEBUG

Make sure to uncheck Check the file exists.

3.2. If you are using extension less URL then repeat the above step but at At Extension add .*
If you are using server 2003 than you can add a wild card Mapping as suggested here :

At the
Application Configuration Properties dialog like we did when configuring the .mvc ISAPI mapping and Next to the Wildcard application maps, click Insert.. button.


Make sure to uncheck Verify that file exits.

4. Make sure that ASP.NET is enabled