Hide or Remove Title WordPress Twenty Thirteen

Do you want to remove title in WordPress for selected posts and pages without editing any code? Then WordPress title remove Plugin is your answer.You need to install and activate the Hide Title plugin for WordPress. When the plugin is activated, go to the edit screen for the selected post and page. Go to Dashboard and select the Posts or Pages menu that you need to edit. On the edit page, you will see a Hide Title meta box in right side like this

Remove Title WordPress Page

You need to click in this box and click on update or publish post button.Thats all,now the page title will be removed from page or post you have selected. Now this plugin will hide  title on singular page views. But it will still show title on your homepage or other pages, but not on the single page views.This solution can be pretty good if you are creating a simple landing page and you don’t want to show the title.

Hide or Remove Title for All WordPress Posts and Pages

There may be some reason why someone like to hide page title, lets look at how to hide the titles for all WordPress post and pages.

Remove title from Pages and Posts

Goto WordPress Dashboard >> Appearence >> Editor
Comment out the function the_title() by adding “//” before the function in this pages.
page.php (1 occurrences).This will remove the page title from all user created pages.
content.php (2 occurrences). This will remove from index Page, Custom Page,archive Page,search Page,tag page and all posts.

Code to replace
<?php the_title(); ?>
<?php //the_title(); ?>

 Hide Title from Pages and Post

If you simply want to hide  title in your pages you can do it. Search engine bot will find the title but it is not displayed to user. It can be done by editing style.css
Goto WordPress Dashboard >> Appearence >> Editor select style.css
Add this code at the end of the line.

Code to Add

display: none !important;

If you do lots of edits in style.css it can be a mesh in the file and there may be problem when you update worpress theme.You can use companion plugin to manage your css.If you are using jetpack you can get an Edit CSS submenu in Appeareance Menu at WordPress Dashboard.


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