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Filestream.me Review and Coupon Code

1. Introduction

Despite the fact that,there are lots of torrent clients available in the market, something was still lacking. filestream.me, a cloud based service, changed a concept of torrent downloading. filestream.me brings unique unparalleled power of cloud service and torrents together that brings you the fastest ever possible torrent download and resume.

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  • 50% Discount for Basic Tariff
  • 20% Discount  for Extended  Tariff
  • 11% Discount for Pro Tariff
  • Additionally Gives you $1 Balance

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Some ISPs around the globe control, throttle, or block torrent. Filestream isn’t torrent traffic from your ISP’s perspective, your ISP will not be blocking the filestrem.me download since not a torrent client,its a http downloader.If your service provider is blocking access to the BitTorrent network, an online torrent client like filestream.me is only service to download torrent.filestram.me is a free torrent downloader that runs in a web browser and no software is needed, it lets you resume paused downloads and helps protect your privacy.There is no more hassle of complexity involved in configuring router and firewall for optimum performance.

2. How it Works?

Although filestram.me is different than a regular torrent client, using a filestream.me is a piece of cake.When you paste magnet links of the torrent file or a .torrent file that you want to download, the website will take care downloading the files and storing the files to your personal account and finally you can download your files from anywhere and from any device.
Here’s a quick tutorial on how to use filestream.me


  • Healthy Torrent for torrent download or A http link to download files.
  • Internet Download Manager (IDM) or any other download manager for fast and resume-able download.

1. Go to Filestream.me website and complete the signup by conforming email address.
2. Sign in to filestream in the dashboard
3. In left side you can download torrent by pasting magnet links or torrent file.
4. You can paste http download link to download file from urls and other file sharing sites.
5. You can either paste  Magnet link or Upload .torrent file to the downloader.See the picture below
Filestream.me Coupon Codes
6. It will start downloading the file to your private storage.
7. Once it is completed chicko(filestream robot) will send you an email.
8. when the torrent download is complete, you can download torrent using Internet Download Manager(IDM) or any other Download manager.You can download as a Zip or download one/multiple file(s) from the folders inside the torrent.

3. Features

  • Unlimited download speed
  • Simultaneous connections
  • Video and music streaming
  • Mobile apps for mobile downloads
  • file storage absolutely free
  • No time limits
  • personal, private, secure storage.
  • No one will see your files but yourself(Even filestream.me staff cant see your file !)
  • secure encrypted SSL connection to your personal storage
  • flexible upgrade plans
  • a high speed multi-stream download access to all your files.
  • Download files from the Internet by the list of URLs provided.
  • Utilize virtually unlimited bandwidth of our backbone IP connection
  • Chicko friendly robot will send you E-Mail notifications on every event of your choice such as download completion.
  • Connected directly to 3 biggest European IP backbone providers.
  • Access your files anywhere using any gadget with Internet access and web browser
  • 24/7 customer support ready to help via live chat

3. Pros and Cons


  • Do need need any additional clients or configuration
  • Have Personal account to keep torrents in one place
  • Download resume supported
  • Compatible with any web browser
  • Protects privacy using a hidden IP address
  • Unrestricted access to torrent network even if your ISP has blocked torrent sites.
  • HTTPS protocol for secure downloading.
  • Doesn not depend on operating system since it is a browser based
  • Suports high speed download from file sharing sites
  • No waiting time for downloading from file sharing sites like rapidshare.com or megaupload.com


  • Restricts download size and speed for free user
  • Files stays in server for 3 days for free user


Though some limitations I mentioned above can be ignored for a premium user so filestream is still valuable because it’s entirely online and won’t be controlled by most ISPs.When Used in conjunction with download managers like Internet Download Manager (IDM),Free Download Manager (FDM) your torrent and other file downloads will be too easy.