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Best online cloud data backup Storage Free

You may be in dilema for picking up right online cloud data storage these days,it can be quite confusing since there are lot of Cloud storage company out there.Fortunately,many companies offer a free trial so that you can try out before you decide which one to use.
Online storage means all your files are saved on remote servers a bit similar like saving in Harddisk in your PC but the difference is that your files are tamper proof and safe in the remote data center and can be retrieved from any computer with internet connection.Many online backup storage company can save the changed versions of file so that you can restore any file.

Here are the list of Best Online Cloud data storage

1. Dropbox

Dropbox is one of best online data storage available. You can upload documents,photos, videos and other data that you can access from your  smart phone,tablet, Mac, Windows,linux system, iOS, Android, BlackBerry, device with little effort.Dropbox offers public and photo folders sharing so that you can share with anyone.Third-party plug-ins and services extend its features and has LAN sync feature so that you can sync in LAN faster.Dropbox is online storage with no file size limit which is rare among other contenders.
Most importantly dropbox keeps File change history,so that you can roll back to the old version of any file.

Basic: FREE for 2GB (Space Upto 18GB|500MB/referal)
Pro : $9.99/mo for 100GB space
Business : $15/mo for Unlimited Space

Dropbox is best online storage with most free space since you can gain as much as 18 GB Free Cloud storage if you refer friends though it comes with 2 GB of free storage initially.

2. SpiderOak

Spideroak is one flexible and versatile online cloud data storage and syncing solutions available.Spideroak provides 2GB of free online storage, but you can use refer-a-friend program to get upto 10GB space for FREE so this is best alternative for dropbox. Spideroak can not only your desktop be used to sync, but files on your mobile device, Mac, Linux system,or windows and  just download the apps for your iOS, Android device, and leave the rest to the service. SpiderOak keeps revision histories, and metadata for all of your files and folder so you can check created, uploaded, and modified date of file folder and restore them if you need old version.

The main advantage of spideroak is that it is highly secure and highly take care your privacy so you will have no problem in data backup and syncing confidential information.

Personal : Free 2GB ( Earn up to 10GB refering a friend )
Plus : 100GB at $10/month

3. Hightail

Formerly  known as YouSendIt, Hightail has become one of the leading online storage space site.Hightail was initially known for individuals to share personal files and images. It is one of most reliable for sending large file since it has most powerful and significant features : ability to sign digital documents that you send. Unlike its contenders, Hightail added plugins that allowed files to be sent from within applications like Final Cut Pro  , Adobe Acrobat  and Microsoft Outlook. Even Yahoo! Mail  included YouSendIt built-in button. Hightail has applications for Mac and PC desktops, iOS and Android devices.

Free : 2GB ( 5 e-signatures)
Pro : $15.99/mo Unlimited Storage and Unlimited e-Signatures

4. Bitcasa

Bitcasa is also an online backup cloud data storage that stores up to 10 GB worth of free playlists, videos, files, photos, docs and data in its free storage that can be accessed from any device and has unlimited space for paid customers.Bitcasa has clients for Windows and OS X, and mobile apps for iOS, Android and Windows Phone . You can use it for photos, music, and movies, it is easy to stream that content to your mobile devices or to your desktop wherever you want to use it. Th There is a Chrome extension for Bitcasa that lets to use bitcasa as downloads folder.

Out of many storage solutions, the Bitcasa  keeps your digital belongings secure and safe by encrypting (AES256) your data before they leave your computer.Not even Bitcasa employees can see your files! According to their ToS, “To be clear, aside from the rare exceptions we identify in our Privacy Policy, no matter how the Services change, we won’t share your content with others, including law enforcement, for any purpose unless you direct us to. How we collect and use your information generally is also explained in our Privacy Policy.”

Personal : Free 10GB
Premium : 1TB at $10/mo
Pro : 5 TB at $49/mo
Infinite : No Space limit at $99/month

You can even Save 15% on upfront yearly payment

5. Amazon Cloud Drive

Amazon Cloud Drive is also online storage like dropbox which provides 5GB of free cloud data storage. Amazon Cloud Drive can be either the web or use a Windows app , Mac, or Android devices. This app has ability to upload files.Amazon provides a great content support, you can upload anything digital, including music, photos videos and documents with no limit on file size. You can even preview or download using a web browser. If your Kindle Fire is your main tablet device, Cloud Drive is your best choice. Amazon cloud drive Appps are available for kindle fire.Main feature of amazon cloud is that the uploaded videos can be played back in any devices.

Free : 5GB
Plus :  $0.50 per GB Per year

6. Adrive

Adrive is one of the cheapest online data backup storage with most free space.It provides 50GB cloud data storage for free. ADrive standout among its competitor for its free space.Also adrive has simplified User Interface so even noobs can use services easily. ADrive has all the features that you need from first-class online cloud storage:

  • Access,data Backup,edit and share folders,files and data with any device anywhere from internet
  • Edit word processing document,spreadsheets and presentations online using Zoho® editor.
  • Share files with single click.
  • Trasfer files remotely
  • Easy Search Features
  • Iternational character support makes you  write or read any languages.
  • Features of premium accounts
  • Android apps
  • Online collaboration makes team connected to edit files
  • FTP/SSL access – compatible with any FTP client
  • Set expiration date on shared files
  • Larger files supported Single 16 GB files can be uploaded
  • Increased security


  • Low Prices with much of Space
  • Desktop Application
  • Recover the earlier version of files.
  • Map the Adrive space as a drive
  • Customer Service


  • Secure SSL data encryption is provided for Premium users only
  • Security For Paid Members Only
  • Free accounts contains third-party ads.

Free : 50 GB
Personal Premium : 50 GB to 10 TB $6.95/month or $69.50/year.
Business : unlimited storage  $16/month or $167/year.

7. Mega

Mega.co.nz is successor of megaupload. Kim Dotcom released this service one year after the U.S. government shut down megaupload for copyright infringement. Mega is also a best cloud storage with maximum storage. It provides 50GB free cloud storage. The new tool promises “state of the art, browser-based encryption technology”.Mega is secured by AES encryption and all files are stored securely.Mega has desktop, ios, and android Application to sync and data backup.

Free  : 50GB
Pro I : 500GB at 9.99 EUR /month
Pro II : 2TB at 19.99 EUR /month
Pro III : 4TB at 29.99 EUR /month

8. Box

Box is one of free online storage that gives you 10 GB of  cloud data storage for free and the files and folders are organised in cloud in the cloud as of desktop and can be collaborated with users. Files and folders can be shared via internet,Main feature of box is that you can give editing privileges, or you restrict sharing to collaborators only.You can even restrict file previews or downloads.Setting passwords or automatic expiration dates are only available for paid account.Others Business tools include Google apps integration and admin console for bulk account management.Active Directory & Single Sign On (SSO) available for Enterprise account. Box.net apps is available for  Android, iOS, Blackberry, Touchpad, or Playbook.

Personal : Free for 10GB (or $10/mo for 100GB )
Starter : 100GB at $5/user/month
Business : 1TB at $15/user/month
Enterprise : Unlimited at $35/user/month

9. Apple iCloud

Apple icloud is best online storage if you use iOS devices. It syncs all your photos, music, calendars, apps, documents, and other data and makes them sharable with anyone in internet.iCloud comes with 5 GB of free cloud storage.The purchacescloud storage music and all stuff from iTunes doesnot count against your storage limit.iCloud will stream all the tracks in your iCloud as 256kbps AAC.Basic iCloud services can be accessed via the web on any platform.To use it to it’s all services, you need to be running a Mac with Lion or above or running iOS 5 or better for  an iPhone,iPad or iPod touch.

Free : 5GB
Other : $20 per year for 10GB,  $40 per year for 20GB, and $100 per year for 50GB.

10. Google Drive

Google Drive is also cloud free cloud storage that provides 15 GB free storage space shared with all google services. Google Drive syncs spreadsheets, presentations, documents,  and videos from your computer and mobile devices.Google+ and Gmail are connected for collaboration and sharing.Google has broad rights to reproduce, use, and create derivative works from content stored on the Google Drive, via a license from its users so it is not secure to save all your creation and documents in google drive.You can backup data and use as online backup storage.

Free : 15 GB( But shared with all google services)
25 GB : $2.49/month
100GB : $4.99 /month

11. OneDrive

Formerly known as Skydrive is free online storage that offers 7 GB of free cloud storage for  documents,photos and all other files and can be connected via any other devices. It needs to have a Windows Live account, If you already have than you have a OneDrive account that you can make use of. OneDrive is especially useful for Windows users,that can be used to  sync any folder on their Windows system like Documents folder or music folder for safe keeping, or automatically sync or upload any Microsoft Office documents you create.

Free : 7GB
20GB : $10/year
50GB : $25/year
100GB : $50/year